Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Twitter Promotion - New Thai!

In case you don't subscribe to our newsletter (Why don't you?!), you might not have noticed that we're now on Twitter at http://twitter.com/KratomKing. Not only can people who follow us on Twitter get up to the moment updates on early cutoffs, product updates and random information about TKK - But now they have a chance to be the first ones to try our new Thai strain - For FREE!

At some point between today (5/19) and Friday (5/22) we're going to send our tweet to our followers which will give them the URL where they can get a sample of the new Thai. For free (You just pay for shipping)! Once the tweet goes out, we will have ONE HUNDRED free samples available. And once they're gone, everybody else will have to wait until the product goes live.

So sign up on Twitter now and follow us! You never know when we might it might go live!

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