Friday, December 5, 2008

New Ways To Contact TKK!

So I recently received an email from a customer who asked the what-was-probably-meant-to-be-a-rhetorical question - "You don't really read these things anyway, do you?"

You bet we read these things! Short of something getting blocked by a spam filter and/or last in cyberspace, I read every piece of mail that comes my way (And trust me, there's a lot). But this did get me to thinking - What other methods of contact could I give people who want to talk to me directly? And I came up with the following:

1) We have a MySpace page! We've actually had a MySpace page for quite some time now, I just haven't logged into it in forever, and more or less forgot I had it (Until somebody emailed me to remind me that I had it and wanted me to get off my butt and log in). My bad. In any event, I am back on top of things with it now. So if you're on MySpace - Feel free to add us!

2) Due to the nature of our business, I spend a LOT of time online. Some of it I even spend working. So since I'm online anyway, why not create an instant messenger login and give people a way to contact me a little more directly/real-time? That's right, you can now add me to your Yahoo! Messenger - (Please note, there's also a and I'm not sure if that's us. If it IS us, then it's old and we don't have the login. In any event, please make sure to use the suffix, otherwise who knows who you might be connected to).

*** PLEASE NOTE *** - If you have questions/problems with an order, please still email and they'll get you taken care of. You can even call (I don't answer the phones. Anastasia has a much better phone manner). I want to make the messenger idea kind of a way for customers to get in touch with me directly for asking questions, saying hi, etc. But if it's order related, I'll direct you to the previously mentioned

And that's it for now. If you can think of any other ways we can make things easier for you (Well, related to us and our site anyway) - Just let me know.


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