Thursday, December 11, 2008

How Much Do You Like PayPal?

So believe it or not, PayPal is on our case again. This time they want us to change the software on our site to prevent transactions to given areas, blah blah blah. While I can somewhat understand where they're coming from (At least with this issue), I started to wonder how much YOU guys like having PayPal around. Would you quit using if we quit offering PayPal as a payment option? Would you still use us anyway? Or do you not care either way?

No matter WHAT your answer, please let us know at our PayPal Survey. We care what you think!


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Christina said...

LOVE paypal--being an Ebay store owner, by they way they really suck up your money but anyways- paypal is so much safer than the credit card method. Even as a consumer, I have had to replace mine x 3 this year, someone bought $3000 worth of cigar smoking items in France, designer sunglasses in Germany, blah blah blah. Paypal the only thing I use, many are ditching the credit cards due to the financial crisis AND how they are discovering how the card industry is hijacking rates / laws being refined just now, so if I were you guys KEEP PAYPAL. No matter the hassle, I know there is some---you will still keep your sales or even boost them. Trust me! Thank