Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Packaging!

For those of you who tried the "King's Reserve", you probably noticed 2 things:

1) The Kratom was pretty bad.
2) The packaging was GREAT!

So the natural thing to do was:

1) Get rid of the KR Kratom (Which we did).
2) Change to the new packaging!

And starting Monday, September 15th - We're going to change over to do just that. Introducing the new TKK packaging. Gone are the days of snack and sandwich bags. Instead, our product(s) will be professionally packaged in our new, impulse-sealed bags (You know, the kind with the tear tab so you can tear off the sealed part and still have a ziploc part left after you open it).

We realize that the new packaging is probably going to bring up some questions:

Q: Since you're using different bags, are the increments you offer going to change?

A: Yes. For plant powder, we're going to offer 1 ounce, 2 ounce and 4 ounce (Quarter Pounder) increments instead of the 10 and 100 gram increments. For plant leaf, it will be sold in 1 ounce increments. Extracts will be sold in 5 gram, 1 ounce and 50 gram increments.

Q: Is that going to change the prices?

A: Yes, for some things. But much to our delight, anything that DOES change is going to be CHEAPER than it was before. Better packaging at lower prices?! What more could you want!

So be sure and keep an eye out for it starting this Monday.

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