Thursday, August 14, 2008

July/August Newsletter

Please note: It's been a little while since I've updated the blog - AND since I've sent out a Newsletter, so I thought I'd do both at the same time. But don't you Newsletter non-subscribers get too used to it. Our September Newsletter is going to subscribers only.

July/August Newsletter - "What's up with that?"

Since it's been a couple of months since our "Monthly" newsletter, I guess I'll just call this the "July and August" Newsletter. 2 Newsletters for the price of one! And it's a good thing, too - Because I don't think we could fit everything into one newsletter. I know that several of you have questions regarding many of the same things, so I'll just get right down to it:

Q) What's up with the 15X?
A) The 15X "Formula" has changed a little bit in terms of the drying process. It's still the same basic 15X that we know and love, but it's a little bit darker and has a slightly different aroma. But aside from that, once people get past the subtle differences, they are fine with it since it's essentially the same product. Sorry for the surprise with it, but it caught us by surprise too (Seems like we wouldn't be the last to know, but here we are).

Q) What's up with the Executive?
A) Funny thing about the Executive extract - We can have them make it just for us. But in order to do that, we have to order a LOT. And given how much we'd have to buy, combined with the moderate (At best) popularity of it, we have decided to hold off until such a time that we can get it in slightly smaller amounts. So until then, it will be unavailable.

Q) What's up with the Red Thai?
A) I know we were on the fence about whether or not the much-loved Red Thai was going to be coming back, and we still technically are. But as time passes, it's looking less and less likely that it will be coming back. But fear not, between the Maeng Da (Now in Capsule form) and the Premium Red Vein Indo, we think you'll find a happy medium to replace it.

Q) What's up with my credit card statement?
A) Our charges show up something like "UNLIMITED IMAGINATION, LLC". It might be a variant of that, but that's the basic element. So if you see a charge from them, that's us. Please don't report your card stolen because you don't recognize the charge.

Q) What's up with the Super Green Malaysian?
A) While we have carried Super Green Malaysian for a little while now, we recently got a new batch in - And we are using a new process to re-powder it. So if you have tried it in the past and been unimpressed and/or have been waiting to try it, give it a try. This is the industry standard that you've seen all over the place, and it's at a great price.

Q) What's up with the product review system? Where'd it go?
A) We took it down temporarily until we can get a new one in place. There were just a few problems with the old one that finally got under our collective skin to the point that we took it down. Rest assured that it will be back within a week or two. If you want to submit a review in the meantime - You can send it to with "REVIEW" as the subject, and we will get it on the product page(s) for you.

And that should be about it. If you have any questions or suggestions for the next Newsletter, let us know. We do eventually get around to the vast majority of our emails. Please note that due to our spam filter system though, we do miss one sometimes (You wouldn't believe the number of emails that we get in a day. Multiply that by 100 and that's how much spam we get - So the spam filter stays. But if you haven't gotten a response to something, please feel free to write repeatedly until you do get one).

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