Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Capsules Are Changing!

After much debate and research, we have finally worked out the changes to our product(s) and system(s) regarding our capsules.

Up until now, we were selling the largest size available (000). We did this because we used to offer smaller (Size 0) and (000), but people overwhelmingly chose the large ones. However, we've had problems with the larger ones too:

1) They're BIG. And not everybody can handle that size of capsule (Too much aroma).
2) Other vendors have been selling capsules at the same price, but using the smaller (00) capsules.
3) Using the large capsules, it raised the prices much higher than they needed to be.
4) There aren't many machines which can make Size 000 capsules.

So - We made the following changes:

1) Capsules are now Size 00, not Size 000.
2) Capsules will be sold by WEIGHT, not quantity. Instead of selling in them in groups of 10 like we did before, we will sell them in groups of APPROXIMATELY 20 grams of powder (Not including the weight of the capsule itself, just the powder). This works out to APPROXIMATELY 50 capsules. But since it's by weight, you'll be getting what you paid for in terms of actual product. This will allow us to lower our prices and up our production level considerably.
3) We have a new machine making the capsules, which will help to standardize things and produce a higher quality capsule.

All in all, while it may be somewhat confusing at first, I think that everybod will be extremely happy with the new capsules - As well as the new pricing ($10 for approximately 50 capsules. Yes, the capsules are smaller, but on a per-gram basis, it's a HUGE savings).

If you have any questions or comments about the new capsules and/or system - Just let us know.

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