Saturday, January 5, 2008

New FedEx Shipping Option

There are going to be several additions at this week. Most of which will consist of new formats of products, and even a new phone number! (We've been moving to new offices)

One of the changes we're making is the addition of a new shipping option from FedEx - "Express Saver".

As FedEx explained it to us, "It's guaranteed to be there within 3 Business Days, but it's quite often there in just 2". So you might get 2 Day service at a lower price, and worst case scenario you have it guaranteed in 3 business days (Please note, USPS Priority AVERAGES 2-3 days. We've seen it actually take less time, and as we saw over the holidays, it can take longer).

In any event, we wanted to make sure that there was another shipping option which didn't cost an arm and a leg, and gave people some flexibility when ordering. We hope you find it useful - And if you have any questions about it and/or problems with it, just let us know.

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